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What causes a drain blockage

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  • 30-06-2015
What causes a drain blockage

What causes a drain blockage?

If you have ever had a blocked drain then you know how much it can effect your life, it sounds odd to say if you have never one but a blocked drain is good way to have some stress in you life, it can change the way you have to use your home and not sorting it out right away will only make the issue gets bigger.

Basically what happens when a drain is blocked is all of the nasty stuff that you don't want to think about right now, the stuff you flush and pour down the toilet and sink begins to clog up the drain, you may not notice for a while which means that when it starts to effect your life the blockage is already a pretty big issue.

All of this stuff get caught up and matted together to create a block, stopping the water flowing down as it would normally and leaving it to fester will allow more to get caught up and clog up your drain.

Drain Maintenance in London

The way we tackle drain blockages is firstly locate the blockage using a CCTV survey and then we use a high pressure water system to break the blockage down and allow it to flow naturally, we will then look at the cause, to see if the pipe is damaged in any way and then problem solved! If you think that it may happen again then you could always take advantage of our maintenance services to ensure your drains are always clean and fresh smelling.

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