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Is Drain Cleaning Important

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  • 23-05-2022
Is Drain Cleaning Important

What happens if you don't clean your drains?

It's essential to ensure you get your dirty drains professionally cleaned for several reasons; an uncleaned drainage system can be responsible for various small clogs, bad smells, and health problems due to contaminated water. Drain clogs are the most significant issue at hand as they are often the catalyst for many of these expensive problems if left unattended for prolonged periods.

Clogging is always easy to spot; for example, they don't always render your kitchen sink or drain unusable. However, if water still frequently flows, it can be challenging to detect whether there are health hazards lingering in the clogged pipes. Such is why it's essential to be aware of the telltale signs of damage.

Here are some of the most significant ways to identify drain-related issues that indicate you require regular cleaning:

The first sign is standing water in your drain; when you are trying to wash dishes, get out of the shower or bathtub, as this is a sign you have a clogged drain. It may be one of the signs that people see most commonly. You may notice it in a fixture drain or, more often, inside the P-trap; however, professionals may be able to detect it further down in the pipes of your plumbing system.

If you begin to detect ongoing unpleasant or musty odours but are unsure of the source, it may potentially be coming from your drains. These tend to be a tad closer to the drain opening, as when clogs exist deeper in your pipework, the P-trap will block any foul odours.

Bugs surrounding your drains, such as drain flies, cockroaches or fruit flies, there is usually something down there attracting them, for example, the foul odour derived from a mould or damp or it could even be lingering food particles causing clogs.

If you discover that your sink drain, shower, or bathroom tub drain gurgles loudly when trying to release water, this could be a significant sign that your drain needs to be cleaned. Clogs can restrict efficient water flow and trap the air, causing bubbles to create a dull gurgling sound. Gurgling coming from your bathroom drains, for example, tub, shower drain, or sink, could mean you have a blocked vent whenever you flush your toilets.

Besides the drain clog, you could be dealing with a blocked plumbing vent. The suction created when running water pulls water out of the P-trap when there is a lack of water and allows many sewer gases to make their way into the trap and outside the drain opening. 

Bad Drain Habits

If you choose to cook at home, using your garbage disposal unit frequently instead of throwing food directly into the trash, often you may come across bits of ground-up food from your disposal, causing issues.

Large amounts of debris, grease, dirt, sludge and other particles may have deposited into your pipes, ultimately restricting your water flow until clogs form.

It is vital to be cautious with your food waste after each meal or meal prep; you don't want to grind up eggshells, pasta, potato peels, coffee grounds, celery or carrots; you may find your drain is at a higher risk of clogging.

Another clogging problem that many homeowners run into is clumps of hair and soap build-up in their sink or shower drain after bathing, shaving and washing their hair.

Hair can cause numerous drain-blocking issues, as it doesn't allow water to correct flow or pump away in your tub or wetroom.

We highly recommend getting your drain cleaned thoroughly by professionals every two years, but you may require more if you have a more extensive household with more people to feed.

If you find your slow drains are clogging each month, you must contact your local professional plumbers and get them cleaned immediately.

In the meantime, if you have metal pipes, you can attempt to loosen the clog or blockage with a pot of boiling water; it can dissolve clogs that are primarily made up of scum, gunk and grease; this will partially get your drains clear.

Many recommend a robust vinegar solution or baking soda to do the trick; try to relieve the clog as much as physically possible for faster drainage. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Drains?

It is essential to ensure the drains inside your home are clean, as it is a general maintenance duty that you cannot forget. The number of times you should clean your household drains will depend on varying factors, such as how frequently you utilise your drains, the size of your household and a few others.

For example, those living in small households may get away with cleaning on a more when-necessary basis. However, those living in bigger households with plenty more dishwashing to complete may need to regularly schedule professional maintenance from local plumbers.

We highly recommend yearly maintenance, but please feel free to contact your local plumbing and heating professionals and ask them for a more accurate depiction of the necessary drain cleaning services. 

Is proper drain cleaning important?

Your drains are a crucial part of your home working well; they are essential to keep your home in good working conditions throughout the life of your own home; not having them cleaned is a sure-fire way for them to begin to slowly but surely begin to block. Blockages can result in slow running water, a smell when it begins to warm up, water backing up and not following away; in short, a blockage can affect how you use your home.

So is regular drain cleaning all that important?

The short answer is, yes, if you have your drains cleaned on a regular basis, it will ultimately solve all of the problems mentioned above; the one that affects most people is the smell. If you can imagine that all of the things you flush away; that goes down your drains get clogged into a matted mess, that is the cause of the smell. It can produce a nasty smell, flies and many other creatures that will affect your home.

Drain Cleaning Benefits

You can reap significant benefits from simply giving your drains a good clean when needed.

The first, most notable benefit is that your drain will begin to drain in a faster fashion than before.

If nothing is to clog your drains, water will no longer stand in your drain, slowly making its way down with loud gurgling noises.

When this occurs, it is usually a big sign that your drain requires a cleaning.

A clean water fixture or kitchen drain is less likely to develop standing water or intense overflow issues. Such is vital even for toilet drains and preventing backflow in your pipes.

Next, you can prevent leaks and improve drain life by ensuring clean drains. The chemical deposit build-up along your drain's insides can result in detrimental corrosion.

Having your drain pipes cleaned routinely will also help you avoid forming leaks and, ultimately, extend the life of your pipeworks. 

There will be no need for costly guttering or replacements. Cleaning your drain regularly will help reduce odours being produced.

Many homeowners associate bad odours with the toilet; however, a lack of regular drain maintenance and cleaning can mean a drastic build-up of bacteria and mould, curating unpleasant smells from permeating your household.

Mould often lingers and grows in damp, dark environments, attracting it to the interiors of drains.

You cannot always rely on the flow of soapy water to wash away such spores, as this isn't always enough.

Cleaning your drains can prevent any damage done to your home. Spills of chemical deposits and clogs that form toiler backflow are side effects that can lead to immense damage in your household. 

Water damage that results from clean water is harsh; however, the damage from wastewater is even more so. Wastewater is compiled of bacteria and harmful chemicals that can cause discolouration to your walls and flooring, which is expensive to have professionals replace or repair.

Another significant advantage of cleaning out your drains is successfully preventing clogs and obstructions from forming. You won't have to deal with toilet backflow or stopped-up sinks. 

Blocked Drains In London

Cleaning is critical and can stop this build-up from happening and ultimately stop the smell and the blockage causing you any issues. So once again, is professional drain cleaning necessary?

Yes, for your health and your nose and the health of your home, it can improve your life tenfold as drain issues can cause a large amount of stress; having them cleaned will stop this stress from happening and give you more control of your home.