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How long will it take to find a fault with my blocked drain

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  • 15-12-2015
How long will it take to find a fault with my blocked drain

How long will it take to find a fault with my blocked drain?

Before we had the technology that we have today fault finding was a big issue in the drainage field as the only way to really find a fault was to simply dig until you found it and this was a pretty expensive process and lengthy process as well, thanks to the technology that we use today it is a lot quicker and easier for us to find the problem and solve it for you.

Lets say for example that you have a large blockage in your system that could be considered a collapsed pipe due to its size, thanks to technology we can now get in to your system with out the need for any digging, we use CCTV surveys to conduct our first search for the problem, it makes it easy to locate the issue and also see what the issue is so there may never need to be any digging at all.

In the case above this would be solved by high pressure water being introduced into the system that will break the blockage up and unblock your pipes, no digging at all, in the case of a collapsed pipe then we would have to dig but at least we then know the section of the pipe that has broken and so don't have to spend time digging the whole system out.

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In short fault finding nowadays is a lot quicker, the new technology saves you time and money and we can quickly and effectively find the faults that are causing you the issues and resolve them quickly.

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