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Clearing your Blockage with Drain Jetting

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  • 07-07-2016
Clearing your Blockage with Drain Jetting

Clearing your Blockage with Drain Jetting

Drain jetting is one of the fastest and easiest ways of clearing a drain that we can use.

It beats any of the older techniques by a long way and gets your home or business running as it should in no time.

When you have sewage flooding into your home or garden then you need it sorted out quickly. And drain jetting is the best method to use.

Drain jetting works by blasting the drain system with high pressure water. For this method to work, we do have to locate the blockage. So we use our CCTV drain surveying equipment for this.

Once we have located the blockage we run a hose up to the blockage. This will give it a big blast of water which has far more pressure than the water in your system.

This method breaks the blockage up and allows it to flow away, thus clearing the pipes. It is a quick method to use because there is no digging required. We can just insert the hose and blast away.

Drain jetting is now the preferred method to use by most drain cleaning companies, including ourselves. This is because it is nice and safe for us and the drainage system and gets the job done quickly and simply.

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