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How Much Does It Cost To Unblock A Drain

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  • Cost To Unblock A Drain
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  • 20-04-2020
How Much Does It Cost To Unblock A Drain

When you try to flush a toilet if it does not flush properly, this may be a sign that your drains are blocked. It is not uncommon for sanitary products and nappies to get flushed down a toilet. 

Over time all these different products that are not disposed of correctly will build up in your drainage system. If you notice that you have a smell coming from your drains or your sinks don't empty properly, it will be a reliable indicator that you have a blockage in your drainage system. 

You may also notice water overflowing from drain covers outside your house. You will probably also notice a foul smell in the air.

When you experience a blocked drain, you will want to find someone to solve the problem as soon as possible. A drain clearance expert will usually be able to clear your blocked drain using one of the following methods.

Drain Jetting

Drain Jetting is a process also known as high-pressure water jetting. It is a hugely effective way to clear blocked drains within your premises. Drain jetting will clear a multitude of blockages, ranging from fat and grease, food waste, hair, tree roots and leaves and many foreign objects. This process is fast and efficient when blockages are much further down the drainage pipe:

Note that: Drain jetting must be carried out by an experienced professional

Step 1

All precautions and risk assessments should be completed before any work begins.

Step 2

The drain jets work by forcing tank stored water through a high-pressure hose.

Step 3

The nozzle of the hose has holes that are angled in the opposite direction to the flow of water.

Step 4

As the water is forced down through the nose, it will then propel the hose down the drainage pipe.


It is a cost-effective and speedy way to unblock drains and pipes.

Drain jetting will clear almost any blockage.

The drain jetting hose can reach places and negotiate around bends in pipes that some rods cannot reach.

Drain jetting is also compatible with most types of drainage systems and sewer pipes.


The pressure of the water can cause injuries that range from minimal to severe.

There is also the risk of flying debris from a maintenance hole or drain.

Drain Rodding

Drain Rodding is a method used to clear blockages in drainage systems and drainage pipes. 

The process involves attaching a multitude of rods to one each other. 

Step 1

The engineer will then push them down your drainage system to remove the blockage.

Step 2

 Once the drains have been rodded, the engineer can then flush the drainage system by using a jet;

Step 3

This method will clear fully any debris and remove any excess build-up that has adhered to the sides of the pipes and sewerage system. 

Step 4

 Flush the drain through with a gush of water. It will clean and remove any build-up of debris that has adhered to the sides of the pipework.


Bendy drain rods are applied if the drainage system has an awkwardly shaped pipe system.

Depending on what type of blockage your drainage system has, drain rodding is a quick process and has excellent results.


It is always best to contact a drain unblocking company. They are professionals and expertly trained.

It is not uncommon for most drainage engineers to get a call from the public, who have tried to unblock the drain themselves and got rods stuck in the pipes. It is always best practice to leave any drainage issues to the professionals.

Average Costing

A drain unblocking company may also offer a CCTV survey to identify the problem within your drainage. It can help the process complete quicker as the problem is found before work begins. The process of unblocking a drain is broken down into three costs. It includes materials, tradespeople labour and waste removal.

On average the total cost of unblocking a drain is about £100, this will vary from area to area and will depend on the size of the problem. Here is the breakdown of a typical drain unblocking price:





Waste Removal




If you are calling a drain clearance expert out for an emergency unblocking there may be a minimum call-out charge of £50. For a daily rate, most drainage companies will charge £150 per day.

What causes a blocked sink or toilet?

If you notice that your sink does not drain away or that your toilet refuses to flush correctly, you will want to get a professional drain expert to attend to the problem as soon as possible. If you do not take action fast, the problem is likely to get worse. The blockage is usually a result of a build-up of soap, grease, oils and fats. Other causes include sanitary products and nappies, leaves, silt, dirt and other foreign objects blocking up the pipes. It is vital to dispose of all of these items and products correctly.

Avoid putting food waste down drains.

Soap residue can accumulate over some time. It will adhere to the sides of your pipework, making the diameter of the pipe narrower. It will take longer for water to drain and eventually your pipework will block.

Hair is also a problem for a drainage system, and it will build up and stick to excess soap and grease. It is good practice to use a hair catcher over your plughole to prevent this from happening.

As more and more content gets added to the blockage, it can become more difficult and more expensive to clear. You should always deal with the issue as soon as possible, as clogs tend to worsen over time.

Other causes of a drain blockage are from structural defects within the pipes.

Terracotta pipes can crack and suffer from displacement; this is where the joint has perished, and the pipeline has dropped.


Subsidence is also another problem that will affect underground pipework and sewers. The roots from trees will bury themselves underground the can fit through the smallest of holes or cracks in pipework, these roots will carry on growing, and in turn make the crack or hole worse, and eventually blocking the system. 

Unless you have an obvious problem with your drainage system, it is difficult to know if there are any underlying problems beneath the surface. 

CCTV Survey

If you think you might have issues below ground, it is a good idea to ask the drainage engineer to survey your underground drainage system for you. He will be able to give you all the information and advice you require. 

It is always good practice to have a CCTV survey of your sewerage and drainage system before you move into a new property. A CCTV survey will detect any problems that you wouldn't otherwise know existed and becoming an expensive fix further down the line.

 It will prevent problems with your underground drainage system and the possibility of any sewage leaking into your property. Whatever has caused your blockage, it is crucial to act fast. The longer a blockage is left, the harder it will be to rectify, and the more expensive it is likely to cost.

Blocked Drains London

The most effective way to fix a blocked drain is by preventing the blockage from occurring in the first place. It means that you should wash through your sink drain with hot water after you use it. For outside drains, it is a good idea to purchase drain covers they will help prevent debris such as leaves from lodging in your drainage system. If you are suffering from blocked drains in the London area, you will need to call a professional to help unblock your pipes.