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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our frequently asked questions to find out more about our drain clearance services in London. We answer FAQ about drain clearance, maintenance, repairs and emergency unblocking.

Drainage clearance

Drainage clearance is the process of unblocking your drains, waste and stack pipes that serve your toilets, basins, sinks, baths and showers.

A blocked drain at a commercial property will generally occur due to a build-up of debris/silt in the drainpipe or as a result of a structural defect.

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Clearing your drains regularly will improve the plumbing system of your property. Clear and clean drains will rid your home of nasty odours caused by blocked drains.

If you clear your drains regularly, it lessens the chance of hiring a drainage company to clear them. A clear drainage system allows for a faster flow of water and sinks that will clog less.   Clearing your drains regularly saves you money because you do not have to pay drainage engineers to visit your property.

At one time, lateral drains and sewers connected to the public drainage network used to be the property owner's responsibility; however, nowadays, most are maintained by your local water company. You should check with your local water company if you have any problems with your lateral drain or sewerage system.

If your outdoor drains are blocked, this is most likely due to a build-up of debris, dead leaves, and possibly tree roots.

If the blockage is indoors, it could be due to items being flushed down the drain. These items include paper towels, sanitary products etc. Another common problem is when food waste, oil, grease and fats get flushed down the sink.

If your drain needs unclogging, a drainage professional will probably use a motorised drain auger, commonly known as a drain snake. These will usually clear any size of blockage or obstruction in the drainage pipe. For more severe blockages, the engineer might use a hydro-jetter.

Drain Maintenance

With all waste pipes and drains, periodic cleaning and maintenance will help prevent the build-up of debris, grease, oils, silt and scale.

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Drain guards are ideal for placing over your plug holes. They will help prevent waste from washing down your sink.  Drain cleaners are great for cleaning and clearing your drains; however, we recommend using one that is kind to the environment and won't corrode your pipework. Wash out your drains with boiling water weekly; this will help prevent the build-up of oils and fats. If you have a waste disposal unit, make sure it is cleaned regularly. 

If you have to wash your pets in the bath or shower, place a facecloth or drain guard over the plug hole to prevent excess fur from washing down the drain.  Keep a check on your drains, look for signs of trouble, as the build-up of leaves. Strong smells can also be an indication your drains are not flowing freely. 

It would be best to clean your drains approximately every six weeks; this will help prevent significant blockages from building up. In addition, you should clear your plug holes daily to avoid the build-up of hair and waste.

If the drains are within your property's boundaries, you are usually responsible for their maintenance. However, sewerage companies are responsible for lateral drains. These are generally located outside your property.

Emergency Drain Unblocking

Emergency drain unblocking is when your property is at risk of flooding, and it has a severe effect on your hygiene, home interior or living situation.

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If a drain shows signs of becoming blocked, it can rapidly become an emergency if the problem isn't addressed. If the drain blocks, you risk flooding to your property, the sewer pipes might start to back up. As a result, you could be left without water, especially if the pipe bursts.

If you have tried to unblock your drain without success, then it is time to call a professional team like London Drain Clear Limited; they offer a prompt service and are highly qualified in all aspects of drain clearance.

Yes, plumbers can unblock drains. In some cases, though, you might require a drainage expert like a London Drain Clear Limited.

Blocked drains cause bacteria to grow in your pipework; this bacteria can lead to allergies and disease, adversely impacting your health. Blocked drains, if left unattended, can also lead to flooding.

Drain Repairs

Depending on the type of repair, it will denote how it is repaired, if you require repairs, contact your local engineer, and they will be able to let you know what repairs are needed and how they will fix them.

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Some signs of a broken drain are listed below:

You can smell sewage.
There is dampness around your house.
You might notice the ground in your garden is sinking.
You might have roots from trees growing within the drainage system.
Drains can be old and worn.

If a drain collapses, you might notice some of the following: 

Sagging floors 
Cracked walls 
Dampness within your home
Soil erosion or subsidence
A strong smell of sewerage.

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