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How Do I Know When My Drain Needs Cleaning

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  • 25-04-2022
How Do I Know When My Drain Needs Cleaning

How do I know when my drain needs cleaning? Are you experiencing drainage problems? We look at the signs that a drain expert may be required to help.

A Homeowners' worst nightmare is returning from work and realising they have a blocked drain. 

If your home plumbing system appears completely clogged, it could be time for drain cleaning. To prevent further issues from arising, keep reading this article. 

How do I know when my drain needs cleaning?

Over time, your home's plumbing system becomes clogged and needs drain cleaning services. 

This is perfectly normal as waste, food, and other organic materials go down the kitchen sink. You are not to blame if your drains need cleaning, as they wear down as we use them. 

Regular maintenance is essential to prevent serious problems from arising and help you save money in the long run. 

There's a very good chance you've encountered leaks and clogged drains in your time, investing in countless drain cleaners and methods, all to no avail. 

Whether you perform regular maintenance or not, your drainage system needs to be cleaned by plumbing professionals. 

This should be done routinely on a schedule to give your pipes the best chance and ensure they're in the best health. Here are some signs you can benefit from professional drain cleaning:

This is the easiest sign to spot as you use your drains and sinks at home. 

Clogged drains result from hair, soap and grease building up, resulting in standing water and slow drains. 

Minor clogs should not be as large a cause of concern, but if you start noticing major clogs and multiple clogged drains, you will benefit from a professional drain cleaning service. 

Perhaps one of the most obvious signs you need your drains cleaned is if you smell sewage or have unpleasant smells in your home. 

This is a sign of a greater drain issue, with sewer gases and clogged pipes causing odours to flow throughout your home. If food waste is allowed to collect in drains, it can cause a smell and attract pests over time.

Of course, when you flush the toilet, you expect the waste to be carried away to the sewage pipes, but this isn't always the case. 

When faeces and urine do not flush correctly, there is a great risk to your family as pests, foul odours, and bacteria collect around the area. 

Unusual noises from your drainage system are warning signs of something worse happening in your plumbing fixtures and drain lines. 

This is usually a sign that air bubbles are within your pipes, requiring a professional plumber to visit your property. While some strange noises are normal with your drainage system, sometimes sounds signify a bigger problem.

If you notice bubbling sounds when you try to drain water, take note of this and attempt to fix it yourself before tackling the bigger issue. 

Commons signs you need drain cleaning are water backing up, which can occasionally be a simple fix. If you have a gurgling toilet or standing water in your sinks and bathtubs, your drains need to be cleaned. 

The water should drain freely and is a sign of a plumbing issue that can quickly get out of hand. 

Over time, this continued stress and pressure can cause your pipes to burst and cause severe water damage to your house's foundations and the surrounding areas, leading to a much more expensive fix than hiring a plumber. 

Fruit flies are attracted to waste and sewage, reaching small spaces and breeding into larger groups. 

When multiple fixtures become clogged with food waste, fruit flies swarm and quickly become a health risk to you and your family. Drain flies are also a common pest, breeding in drains and sewers. 

Cleaning Your Drains

Some plumbing solutions can be fixed yourself unless you are experiencing a more major problem. 

Regular sink maintenance is your best course of action instead of waiting for a problem to arise. If you want professional plumbing assistance, we'll cover that later in the article.

Frequent clogs are not all caused by the same thing, with grease being a regular culprit. Hair and debris can cause blockages in the pipework, which are more challenging to unblock. 

If water is allowed to spill out of the pipes, it can quickly cause water damage and mould, which can be more expensive to remove.

You can unblock grease with a cup of baking soda and a cup of table salt. This mixed combination should be poured down the drain and then followed by boiling water. 

If you notice any clogged drains and strange sounds in your home, you can regularly use this solution to stop more significant problems. 

The Benefits Of Professional Drain Cleaning

Cleaning your plumbing system may seem like an easy task, but there are benefits to hiring a professional plumber and drain cleaner.

Most importantly, when your drains are professionally cleaned, you will improve your family's health.

Bacteria and mould can easily form in your drainage systems and cause many illnesses and infections. Severe breathing problems can arise after continued exposure to bacteria in the drains and the air.

 You should also clean up all water that collects on the floor in the kitchen and bathroom to prevent mould and bacteria.

While cleaning your drains may seem like a cheaper alternative, investing in a professional plumber can ensure all foreign objects and waste sitting have been removed.

They will use professional drain cleaning chemicals on your shower drain, fix overflowing toilets and ensure your sewer line doesn't spill into your clean water.

Beyond this, plumbers are trained in all jobs, perhaps fixing issues you weren't already aware of.

Repairs can be challenging to complete yourself, and you may not have the correct tools. 

There's only so much you can do DIY with a plunger, and even using this on a regular basis can lead to more problems.

You shouldn't forget to care for your pipes and plumbing, ideally getting them professionally inspected as often as you do your water heater or boiler.

While overflowing toilets and clogged drains may not seem like the end of the world, there is always another problem down the line that needs to be located and fixed.

If you notice a build-up in your home's plumbing system, please contact our team today, and we can assist you. 

How Do I Know When My Drain Needs Cleaning?

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