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How Much Does It Cost To Unblock A Drain

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  • 03-05-2018
How Much Does It Cost To Unblock A Drain

How Much Does It Cost To Unblock A Drain

When you try to flush a toilet which does not flush this may be a sign that your drains are blocked. You may also notice water overflowing from drain covers outside your house. You will probably also notice a foul smell in the air.

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When you experience a blocked drain, you will want to find someone to solve the problem as soon as possible. A drain clearance expert will usually be able to clear your blocked drain using one of the following methods.

After this, the drainage expert will flush the drain through with a gush of water. A drain unblocking company may also offer a CCTV survey to identify the problem within your drainage. This can help the process to be completed quicker as the problem is located before work begins. 

The process of unblocking a drain can be broken down into three costs. This includes materials, tradesmen labour and waste removal. On average the total cost of unblocking a drain is about £100. This will vary from area to area and will depend on the size of the problem.

Here is the breakdown of a typical drain unblocking price:

  • Materials: £20
  • Labour: £70
  • Waste Removal: £10
  • Total: £100

If you are calling a drain clearance expert out for an emergency unblocking there may be a minimum call out charge of £50. For a daily rate, most drainage companies will charge £150 per day.

What causes a blocked sink or toilet?

If you notice that your sink does not drain away or that your toilet refuses to flush, you will want to get a professional drain expert to attend to the problem as soon as possible. If you do not take action fast, the problem is likely to get worse.

The blockage is usually a result of a build-up of soap, grease, oils and fats. Other causes include leaves, silt, dirt and other foreign objects blocking up the pipes.

As more and more content gets added to the blockage, it can become more difficult and more expensive to clear.

Other causes of a drain blockage are from structural defects within the pipes. This can be caused by subsidence or tree root damage to the sewers. However your blockage has been caused, it is important to act fast.

Blocked drains London

The most effective way to fix a blocked drain is by preventing the blockage from occurring in the first place. This means that you should wash through your sink drain with hot water after you use it. 

If you are suffering from blocked drains in the London area, you will need to call a professional to help unblock your pipes.