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Main Drain Keeps Clogging

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  • 11-01-2019
Main Drain Keeps Clogging

A plunger or a drain cleaner can quickly fix some blocked pipes or drains. However, blockages that keep recurring are hard to tackle and require advanced and long-term solutions. Main Sewer gridlocks can occur in your home drain pipes when your sewer line is congested. 

Your main sewer line could be clogged if there is a lot of sewage backup every time you flush. It is just a clog in the drain if it is just one tub, toilet or sink that has a regular clog. Proper use and consistent maintenance of sewer lines can prevent most sewers from clogging. 

Keeping your main drain clog-free

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Avoid dumping large quantities- anything that can cause a clog should not be lodged in your sewer line. Dispose of your garbage intelligently. 

Find an alternative waste basket-  clogging is created by unnecessary waste being flushed down your drainage. Categorise your waste by dumping excessive muddle that can cause blockages such as diapers, facial tissues, and napkins in a separate waste basket. 

Grease and fat- When grease and fat are poured down the drain, it can collect debris and create an obstinate clog. Even though liquid, they can harden and strain your plumbing solutions. 

Tree roots-  Roots growing directly into your sewer line might trigger a sewer problem. Accordingly, if tree roots wrap around your sewer line, they will cause a crush.  Your area might be free of trees. However, that does not mean that you are excluded. Trees surrounding your area may be the main cause of sewer problems.

Broken or Collapsed Sewers

Sewer problems can be created by broken old clay and cast iron pipes especially if your home is older. Cracked and collapsed line can cause sewer backup. People have recently started embracing plastic sewer line which is durable compared to clay and cast iron.

Harsh Chemicals

Treating a clogged drain with cheap products such as a drain cleaner is a costly mistake that most homeowners make. Using enzymes which is a low-priced treatment option and ordinarily offered by Licensed Professional Plumbers is sensible.  

Diagnosing Your Sewer Problem

Having a professional plumber check out your home sewer by performing a video inspection is the best way to pinpoint the cause of a clog. This will show you exactly what is causing the problem.  Your plumber will then come up with a suitable solution to your sewer backup. A desirable solution should be affordable and safe.

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