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Main Drain Keeps Clogging

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  • 06-04-2020
Main Drain Keeps Clogging

A plunger or a drain cleaner can quickly fix some blocked pipes or drains. However, blockages that keep recurring are hard to tackle and require advanced and long-term solutions. Main Sewer gridlocks can occur in your home drain pipes when your sewer line is congested. Blocked drains are often caused by sanitary products, paper towels or other hard to flush materials which can clog pipes and obstruct a drainage system.

Your main sewer line could be clogged if there is a lot of sewage backup every time you flush or empty your sink. Your outside drains may start to overflow. It is just a clog in the drain if it is only one bath, toilet or sink that has a regular clog. A clogged sewer pipe could lead to raw sewage back up coming from your drains. If this happens, you must call a qualified plumber.

If this is not dealt with properly, it can lead to extensive damage to your property and also pose a risk to your health. Proper use and consistent maintenance of sewer lines can prevent most sewers from clogging. A property with drains that continually clog is at a much higher risk of flooding during heavy and excessive downpours. Rodents and roaches are also known to drink blocked drain water, and this can cause even more problems, not just to your health but to eradicate.

Keeping your main drain clog-free

Avoid dumping large quantities - Never put anything down your sewage line that will cause a clog. The most common items that get disposed of down a toilet are, sanitary products, nappies and wipes, you must never dispose of these items down a toilet. Correctly dispose of your products. These items will almost certainly cause blockages resulting in an overflowing and blocked pipe, coupled with a bad odour.

Find an alternative waste basket - clogging is created by unnecessary waste flushed down your drainage system. You should dispose of items that are not flushable in a suitable waste container.

Grease and fat - When you dispose of grease and fats down the drain grease, it can collect debris and create a stubborn clog. Even though liquid, they can harden and strain your plumbing solutions. Grease, oil and fat stick to the sides of your pipework, over time this will buildup and cause a blockage, coupled with all the other debris that has adhered to it, the blockage can be severe. A significant blockage can damage underground pipework, the repairs for this are more expensive than just calling an engineer to remove a blockage.

Tree roots - Roots growing directly into your sewer line might trigger a sewer problem. Accordingly, if tree roots wrap around your underground pipes, they will cause your pipework to crush. If you have a small crack or hole in your pipework, a tree root will force its way in and will cause extensive damage, and a tree root will continue to grow even in the pipework. Your area might be free of trees. However, that does not mean that you are not at risk. Trees from surrounding areas can have extensive roots. These roots will find there way underneath your property and wrap around your underground pipework. The destruction and damage these roots will cause are considerable. Trees surrounding your area may be the leading cause of sewer problems.

CCTV Survey

It is worth considering having a CCTV survey done on your underground pipework before you move into a new property. A CCTV survey will show any issues before you move into your new home. These problems can include fractures, leaks, blockages, root intrusions and general collapses when underground.

It is always better to know in advance if there are any issues, this will prevent any costly repairs that you didn't budget for when buying a property. For more information on how to prevent your drain from blocking, please click the link below.

Broken or Collapsed Sewers

It might not always be an underground tree root problem that can cause issues with your drainage system. Sewer problems can be created by broken old clay, terracotta and cast iron pipes, especially if your home is older. A cracked and collapsed line can cause a sewer backup. People have recently started embracing plastic sewer line, which is durable compared to clay, terracotta and cast iron.

Underground pipework that collapses can happen when too much pressure is on the top of the drain. Too much pressure or weight is a hazard that can cause the entire draining system to collapse. If this happens, it is likely to be a more costly fix.

Harsh Chemicals

Treating a clogged drain with cheap products such as a drain cleaner is a costly mistake that most homeowners make. Acid type drain cleaners can cause your pipework to erode. Hopefully, the chemical will dissolve the clog and keep moving into the primary sewer system. If the chemicals do not destroy and remove the clog, it will remain blocked. 

If you have a plastic pipeline, the harsh chemicals will damage the pipework quicker. 

Chemicals are also a danger to the environment. Chemical drain cleaners have warning labels stressing the risks to people and animals. These chemicals produce fumes and can be harmful or even fatal if they not used correctly. There is also the chance you will spill the substances on your skin or clothing, and this can irritate the skin and cause burns.

Using enzymes which is a low-priced treatment option and ordinarily offered by Licensed Professional Plumbers is sensible. It is always best practice to use a qualified and experienced plumber to check for and remove any blockages in your pipework. It is safer and far less costly.

Diagnosing Your Sewer Problem

Having a professional plumber check out your home sewer by performing a video inspection is the best way to pinpoint the cause of a clog. Pipeline video inspection is a form of telepresence used to inspect the interiors of pipelines, storm drains, and plumbing systems visually. Sewer inspection cameras are much less intrusive while eliminating the higher cost and excessive digging in your garden while guessing the wrong spots. The video camera will provide irrefutable evidence of the exact condition of your pipes and sewer lines, instead of estimated guesswork to determine the precise problem with your underground plumbing system. 

It will show you what is causing the problem. Your plumber will then come up with a suitable solution to your sewer backup. A desirable solution should be affordable and safe. 

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