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Sewer Backup in Basement

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  • 13-02-2019
Sewer Backup in Basement

Sewage water poses a severe health risk to you and your loved ones as it is filled with dangerous bacteria and bad odour. This can be nerve-racking particularly when water is already destroying your personal belongings in the basement. Learning how to handle sewage back up in your basement can minimise the cost of cleaning the basement. The process can be expensive if mismanaged because odours and dangerous bacteria can easily be left behind.

Establishing the cause of the problem is the first step towards getting a solution. It can be the waste from the sewer system that is causing the clogging or the local waste produced in your home. 

Usually, roots that have grown into the sewer line can cause severe blockages. A blockage can also occur if a portion of the sewer or drainage line is broken. Another source of a blockage are things flushed down the toilet and are stuck in the drain system. 

Your basement drain will back up when there is a clog. Synchronously, the backing up will cause an overflow in the basement drain. At this point, the blockage will be quite evident.

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Running a power snake with sharp cutting blades is essential to open the drain; although chemical products can also be used. It is prudent to use both in case the basement drain line is invaded by roots. The power snake can cut through the roots using the sharp cutting blades.

Preventing a Sewer Back-up in Basement

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Contaminated waste from hundreds of neighbours is more cumbrous and horrible compared to your waste which is easy to handle. When a huge amount of waste is backing up, it becomes a disaster. 

You will find your drainage backing up if the lowest drain in your basement, shower or toilet is lower than the temporarily raised water level. The system will be overwhelmed usually due to a high level of rainfall, and the overall water table will be raised temporarily. 

Installation of a gate is the only way to prevent your basement drain from backing up. Gates can be manual or automated. The automated solutions are the best and are called “Backflow Preventer” or "Backwater Valves”. On the other hand, manual gates can only be manually turned closed or manually inserted to keep the unwanted reverse flow out. To prevent your basement from back up; a Backwater Valve completely closes your main line. This will disconnect the flow from the sewer system outside. This occurs when it automatically senses water flowing in the wrong direction and back 

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