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How To Clear A Slow Draining Toilet

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  • 05-07-2018
How To Clear A Slow Draining Toilet

How To Clear A Slow Draining Toilet

Have you noticed that your toilet is taking too long to drain? A slow draining toilet can cause inconvenience and a health risk if not dealt with quickly.

If your toilet fills up with water when flushed and does not drain out properly, this can be the result of drain blockage. If the problem continues, it can result in the toilet flooding across the bathroom floor.

When you notice that a toilet is blocked, you will need to contact a drain unblocking service to dispose of the problem. But is there anything that you can do first to avoid calling out a professional?

If you complete the following tasks and your toilet continues to drain slowly, then it is time to call a drain clearance company. Before you consult an expert, try these household DIY tips to see if you can remove the blockage yourself.


It is a good idea to test a blockage with a plunger before you consult an expert. Use the plunger by pulling the rubber flange out. This will create a better seal. Water within the toilet bowl should cover the plunger as you use it.

Push the plunger in and out vigorously. Around 90% of blockages can be fixed by using a plunger.

Dishwasher soap

Adding a tablespoon of dishwasher soap or liquid to the overflow pipe can free up a blockage in some situations. Look for the upright pipe in the tank of the toilet and put a tablespoon of the soap into the tube. You will need to wait for about ten minutes to allow the liquid to work its way into the overflow pipe.

Once you have waited for the soap to do its work, flush the toilet. The water will flow through the pipes in the tank and the holes below. This will dislodge any problem residue that is around the tank.

How Much To Unblock A Toilet

If you find that you are unable to unblock a toilet by yourself, you will want to consult an expert. A drain unblocking company will dismantle the bend, clean out the blockage, degrease it and replace it. There is usually a minimum call out fee for drain unblocking. So if the problem is fixed within an hour, you will need to pay the minimum rate which is usually about £45.

Consult your local drain unblocking company to find out how much it costs to unblock a toilet in your area.